Ohio 22 Long Rifle Marksmen Challenge – Registration

This is a recurring event happening on the 2rd Sunday of every month, rain, snow or shine. See below to Register!

Safety Meeting starts at 12:00 PM. Match starts at 1:00 PM. Do not arrive late for the Safety Meeting or you will not be able to shoot.

$5 donation required to shoot.

All ages (10 and above) are welcome to come and compete.

ALL shooters are required to know basic firearm safety. Minors must have a release form signed by a present legal guardian.

Whether you’re an advanced shooter or just want to have some fun shooting .22’s  this is the place to do it. Fun for all ages. Meet new friends and improve your shooting skills.


  • An Accurate .22LR Rifle -  The more accurate the better.
  • A decent scope – You will be shooting anything from a 1/16″ dot @ 25 yards, cards (edgewise) out to 50 yards, 1″ smiley faces out to 50 yards.
  • At least one 10 round magazine for your rifle. No magazine that holds more than 10 rounds is allowed but two 10 round magazines would be great.
  • A Bi-pod will help a LOT. We recommend a HARRIS BRM-S 6″-9″.
  • A rear bag of some sort. Style doesn’t matter.
  • A shooting mat
  • Hearing Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • A Chamber Flag. You can easily make your own chamber flag with a zip tie and a Piece of ribbon/ surveyors tape, etc. If you don’t have a chamber flag they will be $1.00 at the match.

A sling if you like using a sling for unsupported positions. We will sometimes shoot from standing, kneeling, sitting, or unsupported Prone, and more

Targets will be both paper and reactive targets from 25 to 100 yards using old and new modern  modern firing positions, that will change month to month.

Questions? Call Al at 9 – Three - 7 – Five – 3 – Six – Four – 6 – Three – 9

Registration Form:

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