Firing Range Rules

Everyone visiting or using the firing range are expected to observe and obey the following rules:

  1. Only paper, cardboard or clay targets may be used. Never shoot cans or bottles.
  2. Know the location of the first aid kit, in case of an emergency, Dial 911.
  3. Always place your targets where the bullet will impact in the backstop.
  4. No mid-range targets. All targets must be placed at the bottom of the backstop.
  5. Always obey the commands of the range officer when participating in matches.
  6. Safety for all is paramount.
  7. Obey all local, State, and Federal firearms laws.
  8. There will be no informal shooting during rental/social activities. Any member or guest of a member using the range during a club rental or invading the privacy of a rental and using the range will be dismissed from club membership at the next executive board meeting. This practice will not be tolerated!
  9. Be courteous and work with shooters awaiting their turn to shoot or utilize range facilities.
  10. Take the time to inform persons in the club house, machine shed or on the grounds that you intend to begin shooting.
  11. First come, first served on the reservation calendar for shooting and social events.
  12. Notify club officers in the event of problems or if you have questions. A list of their names and numbers are posted on the club bulletin board.
  13. No shooting at the trees or the buildings.
  14. No shooting from the club house porch toward the backstop adjacent to the farm field, with a single projectile weapon. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal from club membership.
  15. No vehicles are permitted on the firing range. Permission may be granted by a vote of the executive board to handicapped members.
  16. Alcohol is strictly prohibited before and during the use of the range.
  17. Know the primary firearm’s safety rules:
    1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
    2. Be sure of your target before shooting.
    3. Be sure your gun is in good firing condition before you pull the trigger.
    4. Treat a misfire or failure to fire with Extreme caution. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction for one full minute before ejecting the misfired round.
    5. Be sure your gun is unloaded when off the range.
    6. Protect your eyes and ears while shooting. Use shooters Glasses and ear plugs.
    7. Never point a firearm in a direction where it could cause injury or death to persons or damage to property. Think safety first!
  18. When finished shooting, inspect the ground where you were standing to ensure that no unfired ammunition was accidentally discharged or dropped.
  19. Use the red range flag at all times when shooting 100 yards or greater.

When using any club facility, but especially the range, use good common sense, courtesy to others, and always be safety conscious.

Keep our club safe and friendly.