Upcoming Events!

Here are two upcoming events to put on your radar:

  1. Shotgun Championship on September 21st at Noon. Bring your game face, your shotgun and shotgun gear, and some ammo! To my knowledge each round is the same cost as usual.
  2. Hunters Education Sign-ups Are Now Available. You must sign up on the ODNR website. As of this post on 9/15, there are 37 seats still available. These go very fast, they are first-come, first-serve, and when they are gone, they are gone – we can’t change it.

    NOTE: When the page comes up, click the Checkbox to the left of our club and then click the Continue button in the bottom right.

    Here’s the link
    for those that need it.

As always, send any questions our way by using the Contact Us link and we’ll get them routed to the appropriate person. 🙂