NOTICE! All Organized Activities Suspended!

Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus, until further notice, the New Carlisle Sportsmen’s Club is suspending all organized activities including membership meetings, board meetings, rifle/pistol/shotgun shoots, the Fishing Derby, and Family Picnic/Pig Roast.  The club will be open for normal shooting, but please take all precautions like washing/sanitizing your hands and social distancing.  The board is staying in contact via text to cover business needing immediate attention.  Together we will get through this.  Thank you.

Monthly Membership Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

With the looming threat of the Covid-19 virus, the board has decided to suspend membership meetings for the foreseeable future.  We do not want to risk the unknowing exposure of our members to this danger.  In the interim, we will not be accepting new members.   The board will continue to meet as scheduled.   The board will post information on the whiteboard at the club along with minutes and reports.   Any contact with the board may come through the President’s email  – or may be left in the mailbox next to the coffee pot.  The board members phone #’s are in the newsletter.  The club is not closed and regular events will be held as scheduled.  We will be taking appropriate measures to insure sanitation.

Driveway Gate Is Now In Use

The driveway gate is currently active and being used.  If it is locked when you arrive, you can unlock it using the same passcode as the Clubhouse doors.  The gate must be manually opened and closed.  After unlocking the gate, be sure to scramble the code so the unlock passcode doesn’t remain visible on the lock.

If you are the last one leaving the property, make sure you close and lock the gate, and scramble the code so the unlock passcode doesn’t remain visible on the lock.